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A "GREEN", Environmentally Responsible, Winery

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Current Wine Availability List

Effective January 2019 the following wines are available.   The list below shows BHV Grape. Tea and Fruit & Vegetable wines that are available for your purchase and enjoyment. Since all of our wines are Seasonal and made from ‘Whole Fresh Fruits & Vegetables’, some of them are in rather short supply. List price for the wine is $15.99 per bottle of wine and $19.99 per bottle of Sparkling Wine.   

Our discounts are still in effect!

$3.00 discount per bottle of wine ($12.99)

$3.00 discount on Sparkling wines ($16.99)

-$12.00 case discount is still in effect. 

Our hours are from 11:00 AM to 5:00 Thursday thru Monday.  We are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. 



Grape Wines:

Forest Keeper White Med & Dry   

Foxy Red  Med & Dry 

Foxy Red Rose`Med & Dry

Le Robber  Med & Dry 

Country Cat Med. & Dry

Premium Field Blend, Med  & Dry

Natural Whole Fresh Fruit, Vegetable, Tea & Coffee Wines:

'Natural' Florida Blackberry Wine

'Natural' Florida Blueberry Wine
‘Natural’  Fresh Black Tea Wine  

'Natural' Fresh Decaf Black Tea Wine

 ‘Natural’   Fresh Green Tea Wine 

‘Natural’  Fresh Lime Wine  

'Natural' Fresh Strawberry Wine

‘Natural’   Lemon Wine    

'Natural' Florida Sweet Yellow Onion Wine
'Natural Red Grapefruit Wine

'Natural Fresh Guava Wine

‘Natural’  Fresh Ground Coffee Wine   

'Natural' Florida Cherry Tomato Wine

'Natural' Florida Orange Wine

 ‘Natural’   Banana Wine  

`Natural`Florida Muskmelon Wine

'Natural' Florida Key Lime Wine

Natural' Florida Watermelon Wine

Natural Sparklling Wines:

 `Natural` White Tail White Sparkling Wine -SOLD OUT

 `Natural` White Tail Red Sparkling Wine 

 `Natural` Strawberry Sparkling Wine -SOLD OUT

 `Natural` Orange Sparkling Wine -SOLD OUT

 `Natural` Blueberry Sparkling Wine -SOLD OUT

 `Natural` Blackberry Sparkling Wine

Please remember, our Additional $12.00 Case Discount    Applies to ‘All’ Wines ‘Mix or Match’!

Thank you very much, Larry and Lenora Woodham



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