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ECO-Art Projects

ECO-ART Project ~ Recycled Wine Bottles

As most of you know, BHV is very pro-active in protecting our shared environment. Since the first day that we opened (over 2 years ago), we have ONLY used recycled wine bottles for bottling our wines. This has been possible, because YOU have collected and returned these empty wine bottles to us for recycling and repurposing into perfectly usable wine bottles. Since January 1, 2012, you have returned to us nearly 7,000 empty wine bottles! This is an unprecedented accomplishment in our community and in the State of Florida! By using only these recycled wine bottles for bottling our wines, we have been able to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ by over 60%!

When we’re not using these recycled wine bottles for bottling our wines, we are using them in our art projects (see photos).
Recycled Wine Bottle Wedding Arch...25' wide, 10' tall, and used ove 450 wine bottles!


Recycled Wine Bottle Entrance Walls...208 - 1.5 liter recycled bottles


  Solar wine bottle water distillation system       Hanging recycled wine bottle tree ornament!

Through these art projects, we are able to show how recycled wine bottles can become a thing of beauty and a resource. Because of their varied colors, shapes, sizes and durability, these recycled wine bottles are the perfect material for creating unique and long lasting works of art.

Effective immediately, we are asking you to come and join us in our “ECO-ART PROJECT” by creating recycled wine bottle art on the land of BHV. Our vision is to create and develop a place where people can come and view recycled wine bottles in a totally different way. In a way that speaks to people through your imagination and your art.  What we will supply is our expertise, inspiration, recycled wine bottles and the canvas. What you will supply is your vision, imagination, work and skills. Of course, all credit for your finished art project will be given to you. You should consider this an ongoing, grassroots, community project. All individuals, groups, schools and organizations are welcome to participate.

Per the EPA, over 350 million cases of wine (4.2 billion wine bottles) are consumed in this country each year. Over 70% (2.94 billion) of the wine bottles end up in our landfills!!
Perhaps one day, through our combined efforts, the value of used wine bottles will be measured by their recyclability, usefulness and beauty. Perhaps one day, through our combined efforts, a wine bottle spending an eternity in a landfill will become a distant memory.

Your ideas and suggestions are very welcome. Please email or call us with any questions or comments. We thank you very much for your continued efforts and support of Bunker Hill & our environment!!

Check out the Herald Tribune Eco-art project article that ran Oct. 8, 2012.

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