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Ghost & Sprirt Orbs

Greetings from Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery!

Ghost and Spirit Orbs

Please check out our YouTube video on the "Ghost and Sprit Orbs" here at Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery!

As with our ‘Ghost Story’, it is, with some reluctance, that we publish our “Ghost and Spirit Orb” photos. We appreciate that many folks deny the existence of these “Orbs”. Surely, many Orbs can be dismissed as particles of dust, rain drops, insects and tricks of light. There are, however, some Orbs that are not so easily dismissed.

When night falls in the country, away from the din of city lights, Orbs float freely over the vineyard, woods and wetlands of Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery. Captured on our cameras and wildlife cameras are a plethora of pictures of unexplained Orbs, Lights and Mists. We are publishing some of our photos, below, for the first time (see Slideshow ).

After reviewing these photos, be sure to check out our

 “Orb Walkabout” page.  

 We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.


Larry & Lenora Woodham

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