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Our Wine Calendar!

Greetings from Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery!

Our specialty grape wines are now in aging from this year's harvest.   We currently  have the following wines available in limited quantities.    These fabulous wines are made from a variety of muscadine grapes.  After each name of the wine you will see the name of the grape used in the wine.  As the wines are bottled, we will email anyone who is interested.  Just email us at bunkerhillvine@aol.com with your email information. 

 Some of our wines have matching handmade "Wine Jellies" made from the wines!!

All of the following grape wines are available NOW!

Foxy Red Red Wine  Med & Dry~ Available Now
Foxy Red Rose` Med & Dry  ~ Available Now!

Le Robber Med & Dry  ~ Available Now!
Country Cat Rose Med & Dry ! Available Now!
Forest Keeper Med & Dry ~ Available Now!
Premium Field Blend  Med & Dry~
Available Now!

Natural Grape Sparkling Wines!!

Natural White Tail Sparkling Wine ~ Available Now!
Natural White Tail Red Sparkling Wine ~ Available!
Natural Blueberry Sparkling wine ~ SOLD OUT!
Natural Strawberry Sparkling Wine ~ Available Now!
Natural Orange Sparkling Wine~ Available Now! 
Natural Blackberry Sparkling Wine ~SOLD OUT!


Fresh Fruit Wines

 We also make a full line of 100% whole fresh home made jams, jellies, preserves and marmalades!! Come and try them...like one? taste it before you buy it!! 

As information, beginning in 2019, we have some new and some of our old favorite fruit wines  rolling out for us to enjoy!  New Fresh Whole Fruit Wineswill be offered for your enjoyment!  

Each of these Fruit Wines are made exactly the same way that we create our grape wines. Each Fruit Wine is made from 100% whole fresh fruits! They are NOT grape based.  Absolutely nothing is made from juices and concentrates! Each one of these Fruit Wines is made from the ‘Pure Whole Fruit’, UNFILTERED, aged at least 1 year and are never mixed or blended!

Wherever possible, our fruits for our Fruit Wines are sourced locally.  97% of our wines are made from Florida grown commodities!

Florida Dandelion Flower Petal Wine  ~ SOLD OUT!

Florida Fresh Elderberry  Wine  ~ Temporary OUT!

Florida Sweet Yellow Onion Wine  ~ Available Now!

Fresh Florida Mango Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Florida Guava Wine ~ SOLD OUT!

Fresh Florida Jalapeno Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Florida Sweet Potato Wine ~ COMING SOON!!

Fresh Florida Cherry Tomato Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Florida Lemon Wine ~
Available Now!

Fresh Ground Coffee Wine ~
Available Now!

Fresh Ground "Decaf" Coffee Wine ~ Available Now !

 Florida Key Lme Wine ~  SOLD OUT!

Fresh Florida Blackberry Wine ~ Available now!

Fresh Florida Persian Lime Wine ~ Available now!

Fresh Florida Strawberry Wine
~ Available now!

Fresh Black Tea Wine ~ Available now!

"Decaf" Black Tea Wine ~ Available now!

Fresh Green Tea Wine ~ SOLD OUT!

Fresh Florida Blueberry Wine ~ Available now!

Fresh Florida Banana Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Florida Orange Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Florida Tangerine Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Florida Muskmelon Wine ~ Available Now

Fresh Florida Watermelon Wine ~ Available Now

Fresh Florida Red Grapefruit Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Apple Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Holiday Spiced Apple Wine ~ Available Now!

Fresh Pineapple Wine ~ Available Now!

So, prepare your taste buds for a whole new era in 2018! We are about to reset the standard for Florida Fruit wines to the…”Gold Standard”!  Stop by anytime and check out the fruit wines aging in the Wine Cave and taste the fruit wines already aged and ready to go!!

We welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions!


Thank you,
Larry and Lenora Woodham
Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery

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