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Our Wish List !

Our Wish List:

In the course of being who we are (“Environmental Custodians”), we are moved to publish our ‘vision of the future’. At this time, we are unable to make these ‘visions of the future’ a reality. Even though daunting obstacles loom before us and seemingly impossible walls block our way, we envision “Our Wish List” as a beacon to similar souls, with similar dreams. We are ALL, after all is said and done…”Environmental Custodians”!

If, after reading through “Our Wish List”, you can help make any part of it a reality, please email us at…BunkerHillVine@aol.com. We’d love to hear from you.




1)   Bat Houses ~ Throughout America, native bat populations are being devastated by the ‘loss of habitat’ and disease. The land around BHV is being strip mined for phosphate and the resident bats are being driven off their lands. To protect these bats and their future generations, we propose a series of ‘Bat Houses’ at BHV to replace the homes that they have lost. We can provide all the elements needed to save these precious little native animals…’water, food and a place to raise their young’.

2)   Boardwalk through the Wetlands ~ Much of the lands of BHV is a native wetlands environment. We envision a boardwalk winding throughout this wetland that provides people with a unique opportunity to experience its profound beauty. It should be accessible by all people, including the very young and people with a disability.

Preferably, it should be suspended above the wetlands floor, so as to minimize the impact to the native plants and wildlife.

Environmental Classroom ~ We do what we can, but so much more needs to be done. We envision BHV as a place where people can come to create demonstration projects utilizing solar, water, wind and alternative energies. A place where recycled materials are repurposed into productive projects. A place where people can come and learn and see what is possible. A place where vision, dreams and passion becomes reality!

4)   Agri-Small Business ~ In Florida, as throughout most of America, the path to our economic recovery lies with a thriving small business base. Always the backbone of Americas might and prosperity, today small business, in all its forms, is woefully being neglected. Locally produced food and food related value-added products are essential to us all. We envision a bank of volunteers that would become a clearing house for the needs of small family farms. Volunteers who would seek out the means for family farms to thrive and prosper.

5)  Solar Steam Sterilization System with Parabolic Trough System (S4) ~  The use of solar steam is consistently supported by the FDA, WHO, and multiple studies as the most effective form of wine bottle sterilization.  The design of the Solar Steam Sterilization System (S4) is to utilize a sustainable closed loop system with a limited water consumption that is continuously reused in the steaming process.  For further information, please contact us and we will forward a copy of the IDS6908 - Independent Study:  Enhancing Sustainability at Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery.  by Christina Arenas and Karla Kemp, Patel College of Global Sustainability University of South Florida.

Thank you very much. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.  Please contact us at

Larry and Lenora Woodham

Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery

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