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BHV Recycling Center Guidelines


 Wine Bottle Recycling

In response to countless inquiries regarding our empty wine bottle recycling program, we felt that it might be helpful to simply spell everything out.

We do take empty wine bottles! 750ML,  all colors and shapes. All that we ask is that you ‘Rinse Out’ your empty wine bottles with clean water before dropping them off to us. This will remove any leftover wine residue that could attract roaches, ants, etc. 

You must deliver them to us. We are not set up to make pick-ups. If you live in or manage an Association (Homeowners, Condominium, Neighborhood, etc.), as a suggestion, you may want to set up a collection center. We already have some of our guests doing this and its working great. Once they collect a few cases of bottles, they schedule a day trip to our winery and drop off their empties. we have Tours & Wine Tastings daily  from 11 am to 5 pm, Thursday through Monday, we are closed Tuesday & Wednesday!

That’s all there is to it! We look forward to 
seeing you!

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

email us at: bunkerhillvine@aol.com


24/12 pack Soft Drink Cartons

Everyone is doing a fabulous job of returning empty wine bottles, wax and corks to us for recycling.   Recently, we cycled our first year of being open and, thanks to you, every single wine bottle that we have used has been a recycled wine bottle. This is a feat unmatched in most other communities throughout America! On this note, we are asking you to help us once again. We are asking you to save all of your “empty 24 & 12 pack canned Soft Drink cartons”. These make great carriers for single and dual wine bottles. Because of their highly glossed surfaces, they are mostly not recycled. If we can repurpose them into wine bottle carriers, we can keep them out of our landfills. Once they are empty, simply open both ends and collapse them flat. Then, on your next visit to our winery, we will gladly accept them for recycling.   See the pics below to see these wonderful recycled "Wine carriers".


Natural Cork Recycling

Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery is a “Natural Cork” collection & recycling center.  We accept all corks “from anyone”…. “from any source”!  Personally delivered or mailed shipments accepted.

Although natural corks cannot be re-used in wine bottles because they are porous and cannot be sanitized the “natural corks” will be shipped (at our expense) to an American company which recycles these natural corks into post-consumer products like “cork floor tiles, cork boards, etc. (see photos)”.  Any plastic corks we receive will be donated to be used in crafts.  In so doing, we are eliminating the need for these natural & plastic corks to end up in the local landfills!!

Please, don’t send your “natural corks to the landfill….bring or send them to us to be recycled!



Wine Bottle Sealing Wax Recycling

All of our wine bottles are dipped & sealed in hot melted bottle "sealing wax".    We use hot sealing wax because it is the best air-tight bottle sealer for  "natural corks". 

And, of course, it can be remelted and used over and over again.  Totally 100% recyclable.  As you save your wine bottles and corks, be sure to save your sealing wax and recycle it back to us also. 


We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.
email  us at:  info@bunkerhillvineyard.com

Thank you very much for your continued support & interest!!

Larry & Lenora Woodham
Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery

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