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Renew Your Vows


Whether it’s your Wedding or Commitment Vows, it’s important that you take the time to re-enforce and strengthen the bonds between yourselves!

When you ‘Renew Your Vows’, you are expressing,  in a very public way, your personal Love and affection for your life-partner!

We at Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery share in your joy. We can offer you a variety of very unique and beautiful venues for your ‘Renewal Ceremony’.  Firstly, our …“Handcrafted, Recycled Wine Bottle, Wedding Arch”…stands majestically between two rows of grape vines. The multi-colored recycled wine bottles glisten in the Florida sun.

Other venues could include backdrops of…Age Old Oak TreesRows of Grape VinesOur Wine CaveSpring Fed Ponds… and Ancient Florida Wetlands with a Flowing Stream!






A simple, personal (You and Your Life-Partner), vow renewal ceremony, at any of these venues, includes a Complimentary Bottle of one of our Florida Handcrafted Wines!

Your total cost is a mere $50.00! Photographs are welcome!

Of course, any level of ‘Vow Renewal Ceremony’ is possible and encouraged.  So, please, whatever your vision, feel free to give us a call @ (941) 776-0418 or email us at bunkerhillvine@aol.com

Thank You…            
Larry and Lenora Woodham

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