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Special Events........Mark your calendar!!

Greetings from Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery!

For information, You can call us at 941-776-0418 or email us at bunkerhillvine@aol.com.   We are located at 8905 Bunker Hill Rd. Duette, FL  34219.

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Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery is located at 8905 Bunker Hill Rd, Duette, FL, 34219.  For directions you can visit our website at www.bunkerhillvineyard.com or contact us at 941-776-0418.
email: bunkerhillvine@aol.com



BHV is a very special place where “Spirits & Orbs” co-exist with the living. Public Spirit & Orb Walks are scheduled the 3rd Saturday of each month, except during harvest season.

Groups of 15 persons (minimum required) up to groups of 30 persons (maximum accepted) may contact us and schedule a time for a personal……Spirit & Orb Walk”!

We will take you to places on BHV property where we or others have experienced paranormal activity.

The land of BHV is perfectly suitable for growing world class grapes for world class wines. It is, also, an island and safe haven for the spirits of men, women and children. We and our groups routinely interact with these spirits.

Over a very long period of time, the land of BHV has hosted many diverse groups of people. The earliest Native Americans, the French, Spanish, American settlers and Civil War soldiers have left their footprints in the soil of BHV. Some of their Spirits still abide here.

With faith and luck, you and your group will leave BHV with a greater sense of appreciation and understanding of the world of the paranormal.

If you are convinced that our…Spirit & Orb Walk”… is something that you would like to do, you’re next step is to read our “Required Criteria & Expections”Then, contact us and schedule your own ……Spirit & Orb Walk”!

Complimentary wine tastings prior to the orb walk between 5:30 and 6:30. 

Phone:  (941) 776-0418

email:  bunkerhillvine@aol.com

Thank You…Larry & Lenora Woodham

Required Criteria & Expectations:

  • Must be 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Must read ‘OUR GHOST STORY’ on our website prior to arriving
  • Must Arrive 30 minutes early on  the Night of the “Walk” for Indoctrination & Discussion (Access Gate Locked promptly at starting time with NO admittance after that time)
  • “Walk” will Start Promptly at a determined time & will Last Approx. 1 ½ hours
  • NO “Smoking” or “Open Alcoholic Beverages” Permitted on BHV Property
  • You Must be in Good Physical Shape and able to Handle Walking on Both Level & Non-Level Ground
  • Good Walking Type Shoes (Closed Toed) & Long Pants Required. Jacket suggested.
  • Insect Repellent is Required.
  • Camera or Phone with a Flash is Required.
  • Since Spirits Routinely Drain the Energy from Batteries, Extra Batteries are Strongly Suggested.
  • EVP Recorders, EMF Recorders, Digital Temperature Recorders, Thermal Cameras & Night Vision Cameras are Encouraged, but Not Required.
  • Provoking of Spirits is NOT Acceptable and Will NOT be Tolerated!
  • Groups Must Comprise, at least, 15 Persons with a Maximum of 30 People
  • Cost is $20.00 per Person (non-refundable) and is Payable at Booking.
  • Our “Spirit & Orb Walks” are Reality (Not Hype)! If You Feel that Spirits, Orbs and the Paranormal are Not Real and You Intend to Disrupt the Experiences of Others, We Ask that You Stay Home.
  • With Luck, by the End of the Evening, You Should Expect to have a Greater Appreciation of the World of the Paranormal!

See You at the “Spirit & Orb Walk”!

Thank You,…….Larry & Lenora

These Spirit & Orb Walks, are the REAL thing! The cost is $15.00 per person.   Because of the paranormal subject you must be 18 years old or older to attend.  Cameras with a night flash are a must. Additionally, we encourage our guests to bring EVP recorders, EMF recorders, digital temperature recorders and extra batteries.

Guests must arrive 1/2 hour early on the night of the walk  for a 30 min. indoctrination and discussion of the nights walk and activities. The “Spirit & Orb Walks” will begin promptly and will last approx. 1 ½ hours. Good walking type shoes (closed toes), long pants and a jacket are encouraged. Since these walks will take place at night on both level and non-level ground, you should be in good physical shape.

BHV is a very special place where “Spirits & Orbs” co-exist with the living.    Provoking of these Spirits & Orbswill not be tolerated. Mutual respect is the order of the day. With luck, your awareness of Spirits  and the Paranormal will be greatly confirmed! Reservations are required.  We limit each walk to 30 people.  Make your reservations early.  

Thank You…Larry & Lenora Woodham

For directions check out our “map” page on our web site at


Also, check out our new Ghost & Spirit Orbs web page & slide

show on our web site.   

For reservations email us at bunkerhillvine@aol.com  or call us

at 941-776-0418.

You may begin making reservations immediately.   We encourage you to invite your friends, family, co-workers and others to walkabout with us!

































































































































































































































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