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Certified Wildlife Habitat

Greetings from Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery!

Wildlife Certification

When you visit Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery, you are visiting a place where the native wildlife is both protected and respected!

In recognition of our appreciation and concern for our Florida wildlife, our lands have been certified, by the “National Wildlife Federation”, as “Certified Wildlife Habitat” (see photo)!

Our land is part of a worldwide network of “Mini-Refuges” designed to preserve and protect the diversity and homes of wildlife.

Throughout Florida, wildlife habitat is under enormous pressure due to development, mining activities and pollution.

It is important to us to provide a secure place for our resident Florida wildlife to raise their young. By providing a place where they have food, water and cover, we are able to insure that our Florida wildlife will be here for future generations of people to enjoy and appreciate!

To generate awareness of our resident Florida wildlife, each of our wine labels represents a different wild animal (see photo).

To see some of our animals, please watch the slide show below!!

Your questions, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank You…Larry and Lenora

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